Elly Violet and Wilhelm | Louisville Childrens Photographer

When I walked into their sweet (and highly adorable) farmhouse not much time passed before Wilhelm asked permission to hug me - and hug he did.  He lept off the couch, ran over and wrapped his arms around my legs, giving me a wholehearted hug and thanking me for coming to make his picture.  "Thank you Miss Elizabeth for coming to take my picture."  I'm pretty sure this was followed by, "Do you want to play with me?"  And I'm telling you this was a Miss Elizabeth that would melt your heart.  From the cutest little guy sporting a cowlick where most of us part our hair. After a quick house tour we went to work.  So many great pieces and family heirlooms that we were able to use makes these images super special, like this antique bassinet that has been in their family for quite some time, cuddling many babies before Miss Elly to sleep.  Love it.

Or this mail table where Elly's great-grandfather (I think, maybe add a great to that) sorted the mail when he was Mt. Eden's postman sometime ago.

Wilhelm picked a 'flower' for me, which he quickly coined a violet.  Who cares when he's that cute.  This was right after he walked about the yard collecting sticks to make a fire.  He stopped and looked at me for a second, then went back to stick picking, announcing very simply, "God has made us great sticks."  Sweetness.

He even has his own camera.  And he takes pictures of his food.  The orange sherbet he loves so much.  Man after my own heart. Enjoy this cloudy Thursday!