Emily + Josh I Maryland Wedding Photography

First I met Emily, and then she talked about Josh. This is how it went for at least a year of our friendship. Emily and I met while in the photojournalism program at Western Kentucky University. She was always super kind and has been a wonderful friend to me, but I will be honest...she would always talk about this Josh fellah who lived at home. And home was far away. Maryland far away. I always smiled and laughed and listened to her stories about this mystery man who I drew up in my mind, until one weekend she came home engaged. And then we all knew it was serious. And then...we met Josh. He came to girls night and worked the grill for us. He blended in effortlessly with our crew and meshes perfect with Emily's gentle, sweet, kindness. He rarely takes his eyes off of her. And that, my friends, is most priceless to watch.

When Josh and Emily asked Jake and I to photograph the wedding I was both super excited and very honored. To be chosen by another photographer AND such sweet people who we have both grown to love to fly to their home and be a part of the first day of the rest of their lives was wonderful. Won-der-ful! Emily and Josh have the kind of love you wish to find. They are kind and encouraging, comfortable and generous - I'm sure I'll be attending their 50th wedding anniversary.

The wedding and weekend was perfectly them. Josh gifted his friends flashlights while Emily and her girls began with hair at the salon where she worked for years. Their ceremony was elegant and personal, at the beautiful and very accommodating Deerfield. They both couldn't stop smiling and giggling. They have the most kind, gracious and wonderful friends - we felt like part of the family from the beginning. An after party was held for everyone in the bridal party, plus some to get a chance to visit and have a little fun.

Thank you Emily and Josh for inviting us to share in your wedding day. A great time was had for sure - it was great to photograph a love so real and infectious. You know I wish you both the best. Thanks and enjoy these!

Many of these images are Jake Stevens'. Thanks for making the trip with me - it all came together great!

01_DSC_4516.JPG 02_DSC_0978.JPG 03_DSC_2536.JPG 04_DSC_2594.JPG 05_DSC_2606.JPG 06_DSC_2652.JPG 07_DSC_1166.JPG 08_DSC_1179.JPG 09_DSC_1185.JPG 10_DSC_1356.JPG 11_DSC_1387.JPG 12_DSC_2741.JPG 13_DSC_2970.JPG 14_DSC_1417.JPG 15_DSC_1428bw.JPG 16_DSC_1520.JPG 17_DSC_1546.JPG 18_DSC_1571bw.JPG 19_DSC_3174.JPG 20_DSC_3235.JPG 21_DSC_1653.JPG 22_DSC_3379.JPG 23_DSC_3629.JPG 24_DSC_3531.JPG 25_DSC_3648.JPG 26_DSC_3571.JPG 27_DSC_4434.JPG 28_DSC_2988.JPG 29_DSC_3785.JPG 30_DSC_3770.JPG 31_DSC_3903.JPG 32_DSC_2123.JPG 33_DSC_3696.JPG 34_DSC_2163.JPG 35_DSC_4154.JPG 36_DSC_4282.JPG 37_DSC_2191.JPG 40_DSC_2397.JPG 38_DSC_4522bw.JPG 39_DSC_4535bw.JPG 41_DSC_2566bw.JPG 42_DSC_2777.JPG 43_DSC_2735.JPG 44_DSC_4667.JPG 45_DSC_4742.JPG 46_DSC_4783.JPG

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