Falls of the Ohio Engagement

Nathan and I were super pumped to shoot our first session together .  We've shot many weddings as a team, and a prom the evening before, but this was our first engagement session - a little milestone trivia for you. Anywho, Stephanie and Kristopher found us through a photographer friend and we're so glad they did.  I hadn't been to the Falls of Ohio since I was in middle school, so it was a nice change from the usual.  The Ohio was still very high, but we had about 10 feet of deadwood to work in...until we saw the snake, that is.  Then we clung to one another while Nathan moved the snake away with a stick, and no more driftwood for us.  We wrapped things up down the street at The Widow's Peak and went our seperate ways until this fall, when I'll be heading back to Indiana to photograph their sweet, outdoor wedding.  Enjoy!