February 2012 Goals

Currently, I'm sitting on the couch in my home, sneezing every few minutes and thinking about how taking a half-sick-day should mean actually not working, but it's the 8th of February and I still haven't posted my goals.  So here we go, but first, a lovely clip art photo because I'm not at my desk and decided to feature the first image that came up on a google images search for goals.  Lovely isn't it?

Last Month's goals completed:

Close out all weddings from 2012 and get all client files packed up

Up by 7 M-F , in the bed by 11; mostly

Getta new bible to replace my favorite, long gone & my hunky and too-big-for-travel versions

3ish personal emails/notes per week (3/3, 3/3, 2/3, 0/3, 0/3)

Completed Kisses From Katie, Push & Fine Art Wedding Photography (Need reading ideas?  check out my pinterest list of loves)

Made major progress on the super-secret craft work of artness

Hung up tons of stuff in my home with the help of my good friend Chase, and even made curtains - yay for treating my house of 2 1/2 years like a home!


February's Goals:

Send off all accounting

Sit down and make a 2012 budget without complaining

Complete Entreleadership & one other book of my choosing

Complete super-secret craft work of artness - this should be more possible in the timeframe given

Complete rebrand of website and materials complete, including all blogs written and scheduled in the new format

Prepare myself through prayer, reading and research for Uganda.  That's right.  I'm heading to Uganda for 2 weeks in March - more on this soon!

Enjoy my weekend trip to DC with my dear friend, Allie (awesome blog) and my time visiting another dear friend, Luke (awesome work)

Prep for and hire some fine folks for our office


That's all folks - feels like a long list, but still feels like a short list.  I'm loving keeping all my goals typed out in one places and loving even more writing down my plans each evening for the following day and breaking them up into pre and post lunch lists.  Helps me stay on task and see what I am and am not accomplishing.  Small business for yourself can be tricky sometimes and organization paired with hard work have been the only consistent methods of consistency for me.  Woot woot!  What are your goals for the month?  You know I like a good comment and what you may not know is that each time you comment, I send a canned good to our local backpack project - so lets set goals and feed kiddos!  Go!