Free, little Vann's in from Chicago

2015-09-21_0001 Wild and free, is this little Vann. He just passed his second birthday and is running right through life. They Lancasters were in for the weekend from the windy city, to visit their family and I'm glad we could get our schedules aligned to make these images.

Sweet and quite giggly, Vann was easily enticed by running and playing with his Dad, getting flipped over by his Momma and the freedom of an open field. I met up with Tory and Mallori to a closed Blackacre and they gladly location changed - I'm SO glad we found an overgrown field just near Beckley Station. The grass was too tall for the busy little guy to stand, so he quickly reverted to cuddles, giggles and giving love. Such a joyful session that will surely give you the wise fuzzies. Lancasters - thanks for braving the heat and the mosquitoes!