Fun with the Freemans

Surely you've seen Miss Madison around.  Either on the website, out somewhere on display or in the shop.  Her shy little personality, perfect freckles and adult hair-cut are my favorite.  I adore working with the Freemans - Todd is always so kind, Joy so cute and dressing everyone (she makes our baby goods in the shop, btw) just so and then there's shy little Madison who always takes 20 minutes of chatter to get going. The first time we hung out, she and I played the game Sorry in silence for a bit before she would talk to me.  I thought after many hellos in between she would surely warm up quicker, but she only sort-of did.  But it's never the bad kind of shy - not the running away, crying, never-going-to-talk type.  Just those big brown-green eyes staring at me, answering all my questions at a bit lower than a whisper until that moment when I say the right thing and she opens up - giggling, non-stop in her sweet little way.  My favorite kind of shy.  I could shoot her all day, everyday.  Cutie, Madison, who doesn't like her girly clothes or when I compliment her freckles 100X - I don't think so, anyways.  Enjoy!