Girls Project

For the semester I have been spending lots and lots of time with a group of girls in Bowling Green. They are elementary school girls that I have been working to develop a project on. No pictures have made it to the blog until today, because I am still unsure of what I think about the project. It started out at Girls Growing Up too fast, morphed to children in poverty back to educational disparity and now to I'm not really sure what.


All I do know is that I have had a lot of fun with the girls I am photographing. We sit and talk, play on the playground and learn from one another. Yesterday I swung and talked with one of the girls for at least an hour about what she can be when she grows up. Today my buns and legs are paying the price - oh well. We've been doing our homework together, talking about boys and sharing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Most of the girls live in section 8 housing, a community I wasn't always soo fond of. The more I learn about these little ladies, the more I see their resiliency and their genuine hope to be strong, productive women. I am learning that you really can become a product of your community, if and only if you never see anything past your little circle of friends. My hope for these girls is that they will see just out of their community and learn that there is a whole world for them to explore.

For now we're working on their camera is a photo 5th grader Sara took of me. I made a print of this and they think it is absolutely the most hilarious thing they have ever seen. Enjoy this pretty day - I'm off to the playground.