Giving back...

I just loooooveeee some Christmas time and as I shop, shop, shop and shoot, shoot, shoot I am reminded... It's that time of year. STEP 1: Open your wallet. STEP 2: Pour out the dough. STEP 3: Take home your bags of gifts (or wait for the UPS man to deliver them) Hahaha.

All of this is super-sweet, so long as we're remembering how small we are in this big world - how many people are in need - and that we can do our part to help them out.


I have been given a heart for people...and my little heart has been affected by some pretty amazing folks this semester. For that I am super thankful. From Coach Danny and his football team delivering Thanksgiving meals to itty-bitty Annalee (you'll meet her this week) who shares her sweet smile with the whole world - I have seen almost daily how fortunate I am to have my health, a job I LOVE and amazing friends and family to share it with.

So what's with the soup cans?!?! A ton of my photographer friends are using their blogs to generate some I am going to do the same. But I'm going to step it up a notch. FOR EVERY COMMENT MADE FOREVER AND EVER ON THIS BLOG, I WILL DONATE A CANNED GOOD SOMEWHERE SPECIAL!

So far, we're at 8 for the next little bit, I will be posting all of my work from this semester that you haven't seen. You'll have tons to talk about and no reason not to comment. Share with your friends...I can't wait to take a picture of waaaayyy more than a few cans before the new year.

Other ways Lizzie Loo gives back: *Celebrating Adoption *Families with newborn babies struggling to survive can always pick up the tele and I will rush to the hospital to photograph the new family with their child. Families receive a DVD of all their images *Folks in the military always get 10% off of services and products

And the final surprise...soon, very soon I will be hosting a contest to give away wedding photography to a super-sweet couple. A full day - an assistant, digital files..the whole she-bang. So get to thinking of who you know that could be the one(s).

And for the roommate just wants it to snow. Hope your day is amazing.

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