God is faithful

God is faithful.  Especially when I am not.  Even when I am not.  Always when I am not faithful, God is. His grace is sufficient.  It fills in all the gaps.  Of yesterdays and tomorrows.  His grace is sufficient for me.  {2 cor 12:9}

He meets our needs.  It might not be exactly what I think I need, rather what He knows I need, in His timing; not my own. {phil 4:19}

He doesn't leave us.  Not on the long plane ride to Africa.  Not in the best of the best times.  Nor in the scariest of scary.  He's steadfast and faithful.  {deut 31:8}

He gives us rest.  Even when I leave the littlest of room and the most exhausted of minds, He slows me down and builds us up.  {matt 11:28}

He is wiser.  And stronger.  And generous.  He gives wisdom when I'm fresh out or when I think my own is better.  {james 1:5}

God is faithful.  In hard times.  In the awesome.  Always, when I am not faithful, God is.