Golliher Family

Ohhh my sweet Golliher family friends.  Brie and Brad are some dear friends from my time at school in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  Brie has a cakepop business (if you've had cakepops at a Lizzie Loo function, they've been hers) and a photography business of her own, while Brad is a super talented graphic designer.  I swear that the man can make anything out of pixels.  Promise.  So talented. And what an encouragement Brie has been to me.  From time to time she comes to visit and on the rare occasion (hah!) I make my way to Bowling Green to talk business and life and balancing the two.  She has cut back on her photography to enjoy spending time with her sweet little boys.  And so sweet they are.  I wish I could have their oldest son, Brady, on this blog post talking.  He has the sweetest little voice, and if you know me well, you know I'm a sucker for little kid voices.  Anywho, enjoy these sweet pictures we made early one morning this fall.  And that last picture - that is how I picture Brad and Brie in my mind.  So sweet.  Love the Gollihers!