This morning as I left the house to take my sister to school, I looked out in the field and saw some gorgeous light! _dsc6369.jpg

I ran into the house, grabbed my camera and snapped this one. As I was driving through town, headed for the tanning bed, I decided to ditch my plans and make a beeline for the field. It was worth it. I hope you enjoy these images from my backyard. They've always been my favorite part of living here.




They're all so nosey - always wanting to know what I am carrying in my pockets, clicking with my finger and how many scarves they can pull off with their teeth.







These last few are for my photo class. I've always had quite an infatuation with animal noses...but the truth is I like eyeballs just as much and I find fur equally fascinating. How cool is it that they can stand in these freezing temperatures in the ice and the snow and be just fine..no coat or scarf?



My all time favorite. It's soo odd, I think I will print it and hang it.


My plan is to continue shooting all month until I have a nice group of images to put somewhere in my parent's home. Stay tuned.

And...sad to say, I already broke my 365 days of blogging, so today starts over at #1 again.

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