Due to the awesome-ness of the Finchville area wheatfields I will be filling my next few days with as many senior special sessions as I can. Here's the scoop for those who want to add this awesome place to your session:

$25 for one outfit and 20 minutes of shooting in the field

If you have already had a session (this year or previous) all you have to do is email a time that works for you and bring your fee along to the shoot.

If you're new to Lizzie Loo, shoot me an email and I will send over a portrait agreement for you to bring along.

Keep in mind: It's hotttt - so we'll start each day at 7 am and take appointments on the half hour. Sunrise and sunset are the most awesome! The last appointment taken will be 9:30 - and yes we can shoot in the dark :-) My Saturday is booked - but appointments are still open tonight, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday... Most important, the wheat field will be cut soon and since it isn't mine...I don't know when that will be. I will shoot as long as it is up, but it will be cut and anyone after the cut will have to be...cut.

That's the way the cookie crumbles...wheat is sweet.