Gracious: A big two years

Today's the day.  Two years ago we were having a party in the chilly October air to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter the Lord would get to writing out.  Through a strange twist of events my senior year in college, we toured this sweet building on January 2, my parents asked if I thought I could live upstairs (lightbulb!) and I spent the remainder of the semester working to purchase this sweet, little place.  We closed in June and I spent the duration of the summer shooting and working during the day and painting and sanding each evening.  They gutted the kitchen/bath space and put in a real kitchen and bathroom suitable for awesomeness and I've been here ever since.  You can see the before pictures here. I'd like to say that this first picture shows my feelings about a mortgage payment, a small business, no full time job and living alone - but really, this space was right where I was to be.  I'd never felt such a peace in my chest about the direction my life was taking.  The whole loonnnggggg process of purchasing the building was completely God-ordained.  I didn't make my first mortgage payment until I was gone from school and had been working full time for a month.  The building didn't sit empty long and I was able to renovate in the company of friends and family.  Thanks to Nicki Manaj (aka Allie Hembree and her sister, Jessica) for being an everpresent source of entertainment while we sanded walls at 2 in the morning.  Thanks to Mr. Tim for laying my hardwood floors out of the kindness of your heart and to the farm crew for helping me be handy.  It really was a fun experience....that made me never want to paint another baseboard again. ;)

But the bigger shout-out goes to you folks, who laugh at my quirk and hire me just the same.  You've embraced my crazy ways, you've invited me into your homes, lives and families and I will be forever grateful.  You've embraced Nathan and his family as an extension of my own and let us run with all the silly ideas I present.  And goodness knows you've loved and treated little Leila like she's your own!  It's been a wild ride and I just can't even wait to see what the future holds for the company, this building and my own life.  Get Excited!!!