Graduation Announcements

Good rainy, Wednesday to ya! Drizzly, drizzly here in Bowling Green. I am getting ready to run back over to my photo project, but wanted to post this little senior tidbit for you. Here is an announcement that we printed last year as 4x5.5 flat cards on watercolor paper. I believe she used it as an insert to her school's graduation cards so she could get some pictures out to friends and family. These could also be designed with party information on them. Then you just include them in those announcements that need an invite to your party.

Custom invites and announcements are now in the shopping cart. They come in sets of 25 and everything from envelope color to the smile on your face is customized to fit your liking. Once you fill in the boxes provided you and I will be in touch for the design process until we create, together, something you're in absolute love with. Something you want to frame and hang on your wall...more on this later. For now have a super day.