As Lizzie Loo grew tons this year, my parents came in (as usual) to provide tons of support. So much support that they gave me a room in our home to convert into an office. After three to four coats of white paint, much debate over furniture, discussion which photos to hang where and how many outlets were located where I needed them, the room is nearing completion and really coming together. Only one more wall to complete before it's time to hang the photos and bring in the electronics.

I can hardly wait to revamp the way Lizzie Loo works - from consultation to image viewing - it's going to be so great and all thanks to this room!

Here is a mock up of 'the last wall' I made up last night. The gray space is my computer, the large photo: a flat screen and the huge black box: the doorway.

I am so excited and wanted to share something about our hard work!!! Thanks to each of you who helped make this necessary and continue to support Lizzie Loo - I LOVE IT!! I really do have the best job ever!


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