Haley | Shelbyville Portrait Photographer

More springtime portraits when it has been looking anything but springtime outdoors lately.  I'm  quite a fan of these images made of Haley.  They are so polished, classy and a bit sassy, and for those of you who know Haley, know we're right on the mark with this one.  We started out at her family's farm, drove down the street to this awesome tree-clad barn then headed back into Shelbyville to wrap it up.   You may have seen Miss Haley from time to time around the shop.  She's what I like to call the dog sitter, label maker, shop watcher, entertainer, comedic relief, dog exerciser and bather as well as a full-time ling-ling (the best lil chinese place) date.  She pretty much dines on great food with the crew, nannies the dog when I've got a full day of shooting and hangs out when she has the time.  I hope you love these images and feel they're as fun as the time we had when we made them.  And doesn't Haley just look so grown-up and stunning?  Enjoy!