Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

Happy Birthday to my third little sister.  The one who has made it giggling and smiling to two-years-old today.  You've taught us more about the love of our Father than we would have learned aside from you.  You've strengthened faith, turned folks to the God who is healing you and you've let your little body be used to the glory of our God. In the past year we've watched you sit up, learn to launch your sippy cup, clap our hands, join us as a flower girl in my wedding and lest we forget, we've seen you lie in a hospital bed with your chest wide open - only to head home faster than a typical baby.  It's easy to forget how the Lord has healed you until bath time, and even then we're reminded of the goodness of God in that very faint little scar on your chest.  It's been a joy to be your Mommy's friend, but even more of a joy to be pointed to Christ at every little trial, concern and step of your life.  Happy second birthday to the littlest lady who has had the most profound affect on so many!  This year we're riding ponies, little lady.  Love you Reese McClain.

Thanks to your Uncle and my sweet husband, the count, whom you and I both have quite the crush on.  He made these beautiful photos of you at Sunday supper.This last image is thanks to Scotty Perry, our awesome wedding photographer.