Happy Father's Day old man.

undefinedHappy Father's Day to my twin....errr...my Dad.  If you've had the pleasure of spending time with Mike Lauer you know that he's A. Hilarious and B. Quiet and C. I look just like him.  He tries to take credit for my photo skills because he takes two photos annually that don't have his finger in the picture.  He does crazy things and takes big risks that make my Mother nervous while we sisters laugh.  He tells dumb jokes and I'm pretty sure he makes up answers to questions we ask  so we'll keep quiet. He survived living on a farm where all the family is female, 95% of the horses and nearly all the cats are ladies, too - that should win him an award, right?  He's obsessed with silent auctions and talking on the phone.  He gave me a love for horses, the quirk to do things in an unconventional way and the gumption to take big risks.  He taught me about working hard, driving long distances without whining and telling bad jokes (if you laugh at them, so will everyone else).

He's certain I'm the best photographer in the US of A and he tells everyone he meets (he's currently beating Mom in the unspoken battle of finding the most clients for LLP.)  He made sure I knew how to ride a horse, that we girls were well traveled and have always had everything we've thought about wanting.  He turned 60 this year, and I'd say he's done quite well for his tall, lanky self.  Happy Father's Day, padre.  Read this five times so we've got a shot at you remembering this ;)