Happy New Year to ya! January 2012 Goals!!

  "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared with what lies in us."  Emerson

Hey 2012, you blew in like a lion and caught me off guard.  All of a sudden you were here, and I was still catching up on shooting from last year and socializing with friends in town for the New Year.  Didn't even notice I hadn't hopped on the goals train until I was in Nashville visiting one of my dearest friends (much more on her this week).  Inge is one of the few, awesome folks who challenge you every 5 minutes.  "So where are you steering your business this year, Elizabeth?"  "How do you feel God moving in your life?"  "What is changing in your life and what do you want to change?"  Phew.  Pump the breaks.  All that awesome chatter we shared over countless mochas and fabric yoyos started my mind 'a movin' and got me making connections.  I've waited faithfully each month as Nancy Ray posts her goal to-do and goals achieved lists and I just LOVE THEM.  I'm sure you can already guess what's about to happen...copy cat.  (Sorry, sweet girl, I just LOVE your lists to the moon and back and it's time this 'ole girl get it together.)






My list of January goals:

Sunday is the sabbath - lets not do anything ridiculous like work on it

Close out all weddings from 2012 and get all client files packed up and send off that accounting all completed

Up by 7 M-F , in the bed by 11

Sit down and make a 2012 budget without complaining

Getta new bible to replace my favorite, long gone & my hunky and too-big-for-travel versions

3 personal emails/notes per week (1/3, 0/3, 0/3, 0/3, 0/3)

Catch up all blogging - everything written and scheduled

Complete Entreleadership & Kisses From Katie

Complete the super-secret craft work of artness

That's all folks - what's your plan for 2012 - it's not too late to make your own list of monthly goals!  Surely leave me a link in the comments if ya do!