Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello world, I hope your love day has been super so far. It is a beautiful sunshiney day here in Bowling Green and Leila and I are doing homework, cleaning and editing, editing, editing. Lots and lots of Lizzie Loo cleanup has been going on. Our one outdated site is soon to split into three sections. My list of goals for 2008 needs an update and 2009 will be posted soon. I'm starting a new project on little girls growing up too fast. I shot a play and am working diligently to close out eveything from last year.

May brings to me a graduation, a move and an opportunity to devote all of my time to Lizzie Loo. No more school, no more journalistic shooting holding me back and many new surprises in store. I can't even start to explain how excited I am.

Since no post is complete without a picture, here is an image I shot 4 years ago. One of the first portraits and for sure the first maternity. Sweet.


Hope your Valentines is filled with love and kindness.....what was your last random act of kindness?