Happy Father's day to all of you dads out there, including my own. Here is my daddy-o with his father. My love for horses most definitely came from this pair. sc002d43f0-copy.jpg

Fathers play such a huge role in my photography as I get to see sooo many milestones in the father/kiddo, specifically father/daughter relationships and I LOVE IT! My favorite is most definitely those last words offered before he walks his little girl down the aisle on her wedding day.

I have wanted to share this cute pairing Carolin Hunter sent to me accompanied by this awesome note. My apologies, Carolyn - I have held this in my email box for sometime, waiting for the perfect time to share. Enjoy!

Elizabeth, I’ve told you this already, but wanted to reiterate how pleased we were with your shots. Actually, pleased really isn’t even the best word. You are truly a talented young lady & such a pleasure to work with. Do you remember the photo that you took of just Brian & Emma’s hands? I found a poem online to put with it & posted it with that picture on our blog. I thought the two went together very well!

BTW, I LOVE my clients - the relationships I get to form are soooo the reason I do this...not the pictures, believe it or not :-)


"I talk and talk and talk, and I haven't taught people in 50 years what my father taught by example in one week." [Mario Cuomo]