Having the Sweetest Wedding Clients to Photograph

With the new site comes new galleries and new imagery. And lots and lots and lots of editing. One of my dear friends Inge, (she was responsible for South Korean children sending me sad Christmas Cards) , and I are separated by many miles as she teaches English to elementary South Korean students. Just one year ago, we were spending every evening with our close-knit group of girls, cooking dinner, editing projects and doing homework together. Much has changed since then, but Inge and I are still close. We try to Skpe or Google chat a couple times a week and work to keep eachother shooting and blogging through some silly little contests we play (this is my 2/5 this week, because I know you're reading Inge!).

Last weekend, sweet Inge stayed chatting with me until the wee hours of my morning (her Saturday afternoon) while we edited the same folder of wedding images. How great is technology that hundreds of miles away we can work with the same hundreds of pictures and look each other in the face as we talk. Just plain amazing if you ask me!

We wrapped up the edit waayyy too late Saturday night, and since then I can't stop thinking about what sweet, sweet wedding clients I have. You all plan the most gorgeous events, go out of your way to make me soo comfortable and send the sweetest notes and gifts all the time. Hellllloooooo, what is wrong with this picture...I'm supposed to be the only one serving here! You all are so kind and gracious and fun. The best part is you're all my friends, now.

Some of you are starting families and new careers. Most important, you're all working on your new lives and inviting me to hear about how life is going. I'm super thankful for your kindness, amazing unions and invitations to watch and document as you grow. You have taught me lots - and not just about taking pictures. For that I am super thankful! Here are some of my favorite memories - enjoy!

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