Heather + Dustin I Shelbyville Wedding

Sunday school through high school, Heather and I shared many great memories, from laying out in 40 degree weather on spring break (we were getting a tan...swear :-) ) to many youth retreats and Facebook chats too late at night about our changing lives. Yay, yay, yay for sweet Heather, her life (and Dustin's) changed a LOT this year. In addition to graduating from school, she married the man of her dreams - her high school sweetheart and they have both moved away to live near Washington, DC, where Dustin will pursue his Master's degree. I couldn't be more happy nor excited for these two as they begin their new life together. Dustin and Heather are quite the match. Heather is one of the most bubbly people I have had encountered - all the time, 100% genuine. She's the life of the party, the first on the dance floor and the first to shoot a smile your direction. Dustin is quiet, a still calm to Heather's wild, fun. He is genuine, kind, patient and gentle. And he loves Heather. You can see it in his eyes, hear it in his voice.

They compliment one another, they fit like a puzzle and I hope you see that love in these images. I hope you can, too, see the love between Heather and her parents. Thank you Heather and Dustin for inviting me to share in your big day and your lives. I can't wait until you visit - we have lots to catch up on :-) Love you all!

01_dsc_3794.jpg 02_dsc_3791.jpg 03_dsc_3759.jpg 04_dsc_3599.jpg 05_dsc_3651.jpg 06_dsc_3658.jpg 07_dsc_3687.jpg 08_dsc_3844.jpg 09_dsc_3880.jpg 10_dsc_3881bw.jpg 11_dsc_4120.jpg 12_dsc_4030.jpg 13_dsc_4239.jpg 14_dsc_4392.jpg 15_dsc_4400.jpg 16_dsc_4404.jpg 17_dsc_4461.jpg 18_dsc_4590.jpg 19_dsc_7103.jpg 20_dsc_4629.jpg 21_dsc_4696.jpg 22_dsc_4911.jpg 23_dsc_4962.jpg 24_dsc_5003.jpg 25_dsc_5069.jpg 26_dsc_5172.jpg 27_dsc_5315.jpg 28_dsc_5365.jpg 29_dsc_5402.jpg 30_dsc_5505.jpg 31_dsc_5524.jpg 32_dsc_5650.jpg 33_dsc_5686.jpg 34_dsc_5725.jpg 35_dsc_5768.jpg 36_dsc_5932.jpg 37_dsc_5959bw.jpg 38_dsc_6054.jpg 39_dsc_6115.jpg 40_dsc_6123.jpg 41_dsc_6151.jpg 42_dsc_6159.jpg

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