Heritage Camera Club: Little People Love

Chances are, these pictures won't change you life.  But every now and then, these little people change mine.  For a while now, James Ray Morgan, a fabulous teacher at Heritage (and director of the next play at SCCT, Hansel and Gretel) and I have partnering to teach his kiddos.  He got a grant last year to purchase cameras, photo printers, ink and paper for his kiddos to make pictures with during class (awesome teacher, right!?).  I went and spoke to the fiifth grade, one class at a time, about what makes a good picture.  We all had tons of fun and learned a lot. That fifth grade has since moved on and a new class of kiddos are using the cameras now.  One day a week the kiddos stay after and make pictures of all sorts of things.  Our goal is to have their pictures in the fair this summer and I have to say....they are quite talented.  And silly. And sweet.  And adorable.  And they love talking about headbands and shoes.  Well, this part of the group anyways.  The boys were gone for a month or so building robots with STLP.  Apparently I've got nothing on robots, because they all left.  Nevertheless, I have learned much from teaching photo in the most basic of ways.  Mostly things about the resiliency of kids and their need to be loved and hugged on.  My cute little girls and all their headbands.  Enjoy! undefinedundefinedundefined