Hey, Thursday!

Sorry for the little blogging pause - it's been a wild place around here!  Suzanne started working full time (thank goodness!) and I feel like we're finally nearly dug out of our communications and paperwork hole.  So many little things to tidy up and keep track of in small business - it always blows my mind! Today I'm working on Denise and Adrian's wedding - you're going to love their vineyard nuptials.  And her super long, gorgeous veil.  Oh, and the little bow on her dress.  Love.

Leila is working on sleeping and exploring the new display in the shop.  The window is nearly done, but what's behind the window is what's worth the stop in!  Swing by and check out the Loo Bird display.  Think bourbon barrels, barn wood, soda bottle and homemade s'mores.  If you're at all creative or in love with vintage things or throwing parties it's worth a stop in to say hello and sneak a peek!  If you can't make time to swing by, some pictures will be posted soon, but you should really come over and say hello!  My little self welcomes all smiling faces that give me little breaks from my editing cave.  Yep, yep - please visit!  Plus, there are new goodies in the shop everyday!

And last but not least, my biggest obession this week is Hunter Hayes' music.  Pretty sure I've learned the words to all the songs and exhausted everyone who spends any time with me.  You know how I like to play songs on repeat for days?  Well, I can't get enough - Hunter's singing in my car, on all my computers and in my little ipod shuffle, too.  Check it out.  He's a funny little guy - reminds me of Rascal Flatt's lead singer, but younger.  Enjoy!