Hey ya'll! Hope your New Years is going as well as...

Hey ya'll! Hope your New Years is going as well as mine is. Just wanted to write a quick note about my availability.

With my being in school, trips home are coming more far and few between. With the number of inquiries I have had in the past few weeks about spring family photos and senior images, I will be shooting through my whole spring break. Anytime March 10-17 is currently wide open for all sessions. Remember appointments are first come, first serve as always. Your date and time will be held secure upon reciept of your session fee.

I also have Sunday, February 18th open, perhaps more time that weekend- inquire if this fits with your schedule better and I can try to accomidate you.

For my photo today, you may ask- why tulips? Well I just recieved my new camera! I am very excited to have a new "tool in my toolbox." You will see much more very soon- I'm real excited!

Have a great week!