Shelbyville Engagement Photographs

They have this quiet connection.  A certain stillness and peacefulness.  Maybe it comes from Micah's time in the Army.  He seems to be Holly's solid strength and support.  And it's clear that she's his joy.  And encouragement.  Add a bit of entertainment to that. She's a spunky little blonde.  Whether she wishes for me to share or not, I think you would know after a short stint around her, she cheered for many years.  At SCHS and the University of Louisville.  She has a constant joy, a superior cheerfulness and a silly, sweet wit.  She kept us laughing and kept a smile on Micah's face.

Next month the two will wed at the beautiful Gardencourt.  May your wedded bliss be everything you wish for.  May it be bliss, with a side of Bengals and a little bit of Cardinal.  Thanks for inviting me to photograph your engagement.  I hope you love these as much as I do.

Get excited!