Huntsville Family Photos | Lula Ruth is 3-Months-Old

huntsville-family-photographer-110Sweet Lula Ruth is the cuddly, little daughter of one of my longest, bestest friends and I got to spend some time at home with them in Huntsville, Alabama, making family pictures. So fun to be with them at home for a couple days, while Lula's still little and checking out the world. So fun to also see your bestie become a Mom and walk through this crazy deal at right about the same time. Also. Truman certainly has an excellent wife cantidate in Lula; not that I have any opinions on that at all...huntsville-family-photographer-111huntsville-family-photographer-112huntsville-family-photographer-113huntsville-family-photographer-114huntsville-family-photographer-115huntsville-family-photographer-116huntsville-family-photographer-117huntsville-family-photographer-118huntsville-family-photographer-119huntsville-family-photographer-120