I was gone...then I moved...now I'm back!

It's official, Lizzie Loo has moved. We have a new address and soon we'll be having a gathering to celebrate the new space. But for now, a little update on things. The office is officially open for appointments and has seen four seniors this week - yay! Last week I spent a few days in Pennsylvania/New Jersey/New York with Jake. We visited New York City, ate lots of pizza and spent time with his family. I had a great time and am still full from all of the yummy foods we tasted - his family, like he is, are amazing cooks. (This is awesome, because I cannot cook a thing..only bake sweet things) Thanks to his family to spoiling me - it was so great to have a break and spend time with such wonderful people. It was super to see where Jaker grew up, too. Anywho, enjoy a few images, and keep checking back for some sweet portraits! Happy Friday!


Jake shot the image above, and I'm not sure who shot the one below, but I love the feel of it.


Jake's adorable Pop below...he made sooo much yummy food. I LOVE that they're Italian. Such a treat!


And a picture of me on the airplane that Jake shot. It's so me...always talking...looking goofy.


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