It's about to get wild on the blog

My cameras and lenses have been in the shop for two weeks getting cleaned, re-gripped and repaired. They'll be back tomorrow and ready to face a busy season and I couldn't be more excited. I've never shot as much film in my whole life as I have in the two weeks. Nor have I had such a need to make pictures - the grass is greener philosophy applies here. I was pumped to have a vacation from my cameras - no obligation to be the friend that documents the evening at the ballgame, but when I didn't have them all I saw were pictures I could make EVERYWHERE! The film is off to the lab today, and the digital bodies should be back soon. Lots of greatness is about to happen. Some sweet love and a baby bump are going to be documented this week and I can't even wait. I'm sooo pumped! Enjoy this frame from a while back - Mayfield, Ky.