Jake: To full windsor or double? I Kentucky Senior Photographer

And here goes the story of Jake Gibson.  The first story I write of him.  Not the last, I'm sure, to ever be written.

He swims + lifeguards, but was generally very weary of my 'pictures-in-the-pool' plan.  I think we did alright.  

His frown lines are near perfect.  If you give him a minute, he can whip out a perfect upside-down U on that grill.  

Don't be shocked, but Jake can tie a tie something like a pro.  Full windsor, double.  The real deal.  

Don't be surprised when he tops Forbes Magazine's Most Powerful People in the World list.  Or when he lands the number one on Time Magazine's Most Influential People list.  He will tell you.  In the first 10 minutes.  Promise.  And that face to the right is just what he'll be doing lots of while he works his way to the top of those lists.  Each time I would ask a question, that's what I got.  Jake also seems to have this 'I look 30-years-old' skill.  Check it out.  Right?   He's friendly.  Reminds me of Jack Conway, but more importantly, he has style and will tell you all about it.  In the end, he's just smiley, warm and kind.  Mildly hilarious on occasion and the least bit stiff.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures and my (maybe) witty comments.  Shooting boys didn't used to be my usual routine....but I think it's working out alright!  Enjoy!