Here is the super sweet Jamie Cottrell! Jamie and her family have been my neighbors...for well 20 years now. We had the best time shooting at their farm, Johnson's Vet Clinic (where Jamie works), her family's farm equipment shop and around Simpsonville. I made lots of new goat, horse and chicken friends and of course we had tons of fun! Enjoy!Here is Jamie with her horse. cottrell001.jpg cottrell008.jpg Yep, this goat is eating my pants. cottrell012.jpg cottrell029.jpg cottrell037.jpg Can I just tell you this is a lady goat....with a beard. Rough. cottrell041.jpg cottrell044.jpg cottrell073retouchblog.jpg cottrell092.jpg At the family shop! cottrell099.jpg This image is by far my favorite! I love it! P.S. Twirling is MUCH harder than it looks! cottrell114.jpg Have a fun Friday and keep watching! Thanks!

ETA: You can see Jamie's slideshow here!

An update on ordering: the old shopping cart is down and gone. Thursday the new cart should launch - ordering will be back in full swing then! Thanks for your patience!