January: Setting Goals, Thankfulness and Speeding by

Let's start this post by taking a second to laugh... hilariously at the date and the title of this post juxtaposed.   Yea,  It's January 17th.  So what?!  As I sit at a table in my DC office I'm overwhelmed with two things - thankfulness for all the things that have happened and will happen this month.  So thankful to have enjoyed the holidays not only with my family, but with Luke and with rest.  So much rest that I became uncomfortable with it, really. I worked a few days with the fam at the Keeneland horse sales, toured LaGrange with Luke on another Kentucky trip and my most favorite flea market-type place there.  I've taken up riding my loved road bike indoors - still working on that part where I pretend I'm riding through the bluegrass at golden hour.  I've completed my budget for the year. Yep, the whole dang year.  Amen on that.  Thank ya Jesus, because I certainly wasn't compelled by myself to hash out that labor of...well, labor.  So, without further jibber-jabber, I'll introduce you to my goals for the next twoish weeks.

January Goals

  • Complete website re-do and light rebrand (oh.  my.  gosh.  i am soooo excited about this step forward and sophistication and authenticity!)
  • Complete 1000 gifts
  • Write review here of above book
  • Move Luke home, kiss DC goodbye properly, enjoy the longest road trip we've ventured on to-date
  • Keep up with said budget and stick. to. it
  • Prayer - find a book on it, make a pray for - blessed with list and refine that process 'til it works
  • Complete #shereadstruth bible study for this month without missing a beat - so far, so good!
  • Complete all 2012 weddings
  • Write all those loaded, but not scheduled blog posts in prep for the new sitespace!
  • Complete the long list of grateful notes for things I didn't deserve and help I've relished
  • Remember that these 3 are months for completing, living, growing and planning.  Live that.
That's all folks.  Leave ya with a little throwback image from one of my brides (and grooms) turned my (our) dear friend(s).  Do pray for Tony and Lindsey and all our other folks who are deployed around the globe.  Put that on your goals list - and then share yours here, in the comments if ya like!  Enjoy today!