Jeffersonville Engagement Photos | Jeff & Krista

jeffersonville-indiana-engagement-photos-river-water-red-012From the first minute Krista and her sweet Momma walked in the shop to talk wedding photos, I knew they were my kinda people and apparently, her Mom knew I was her kind.  I got ready to send them on their way after the consult to chat it over and she pretty much said they weren't leaving til the date was secured.  Loved.  that.  Also.  She's hilarious and I may just hire her as my personal saleswoman after she gets her daughter married off. Back on task.  Jeff and Krista are just so comfy.  So fun to be around, easy going and constant.  Is that a thing?  They're like your favorite sweater, you always go back to because it's comfy, cute and just perfect.  Comparing a couple to a sweater...listen.  It's my way of being endearing.

Love that we just hopped all over Jeffersonville, as they both live there, will be wed there and are generally fans of the area.  I have to agree, and when you throw in the Falls of the Ohio and the water options the Ohio River add, I'm there.  Again and again.

So excited for their wedding next month and crossing my fingers and toes for warmer weather than the day we made photos..and heck, much warmer than today - oh my!  Enjoy!