Jennifer and Baby Tripp's At-Home Maternity

southern-family-at-home-maternity-photos-91 If you've been around long, you know I so treasure clients who invite me into their lives over the span of time. Such a gift to me to be able to photograph family moments as life turns.

LOVED walking into Jennifer and Jon's new home and feeling a sweet peace there. Surely some of that is part of expecting a babe and the rest that comes with getting settled into a new house - but it was such a gift to see and feel the ease and warmth that's grown over the years of visiting with them. Doesn't Jen just look like she walked out of a Better Homes & Garden's maternity session?

Favorite part of the whole session was making images of the cutest pregnant lady in Tripp's nursery when Jon walked in and instantly told his sweet bride that she looked SO beautiful. And she really did. Gorgeous, peaceful and expectant. Looking forward to photographing baby Tripp as he spends his early days at home with his family in their light-flooded home. Excited to see Jen and Jon with two boys, soon. Enjoy!