Jennifer Creed I My sweet, Kentucky Wedding Photographer friend

Wanted to make a quick shout out to one of my sweet, photographer friends, Jennifer Creed.  We met a couple summers ago randomly on Facebook.  We were both starting our businesses, we both were attending WKU and we both loved weddings.  Many conversations about quickbooks, passing jobs back and forth and tons of growth in both of our businesses have passed since our meeting.  We are both WKU Alumni now (love it!) who are pushing forward in our flourishing photography businesses. I LOVE Jen's genuineness - she has such a great value for people.  She gets so pumped talking about her brides and vendor-friends.  It's not often you find someone so real, in the same industry, let alone the same state, that LOVES to share business ideas and shooting techniques.  Everytime we get to see one another I always learn so much and get so much more pumped about my business.  LOVE her!  And know that the picture of Leila and I above in the pink was taken by Jen - amazing, right? Here is an image I made of her a few weeks ago when she came up to bond.  Enjoy!