Johnson Family

Oh, the sweet Johnson Family.  With their beautiful children.  Gorgeous.  I'm really not sure which words I can use to describe how pretty they are. We met at my favorite, Red Orchard Park and Nathan and I got to playing with the kiddos, but they weren't quite having it.  They were a little under the weather and we had even discussed a reschedule, but didn't have much time, as their Daddy was off to the Carolinas for the Marines days later.  But just as soon as we started talking seriously about a reschedule, Kadyn lit up and became a wild man. I just love the sweetness of their family.  Jerik loves his children so - you can just see it in his face as he chases Kadyn across the yard and wipes noses all the while.  Tiffany has such a sweet, gentle spirit and don't get me started on their beautiful, baby girl Kyla.  She is just the prettiest little chunk of baby.  I love sweet families.

After we shot their session, I had to laugh to myself a bit.  This whole crazy company started because someone asked me to photograph their children (of which I was insanely hesitant and not fond of) and now I favor chasing little runny noses around the yard and convincing babies to sit up and smile.  Life is sweet and weird and God has been good to us.  From weddings to newborns, it's crazy how awesome the ride has been.  Enjoy!