Josh and Haley | Oldie, but Goodie | Bagdad Farm Wedding

Oh goodness, another Oldie, but Goodie. Josh and Haley are sweet friends to us.  You may recognize Haley from these portraits back in the day.  She's what I like to call, Leila's other mother.  Really!  She's spent many an hour hanging in my office and homes and so graciously caring for my Leila-dog while I was away at various times.  And on one of those evenings in the office there may have been a little meandering through twitter when she found Josh's twitter account.  At the time, he was on a study abroad in Australia, but he seemed to fit Haley's husband wishlist and he lived just a few miles across the county.  So we can go ahead and give the Lizzie Loo office a little credit for this one.  Haha!

After watching our friends be married for a year that included a move to Florida for Josh to attend physical therapy school it's been a joy to look back on these images.  Their wedding day was perfect and just what Haley wished for.  A small family ceremony back amongst the trees and a celebration under the big, Bagdad sky on Josh's family farm.  So sweet to see their grandparents and parents witness their nuptials and even sweeter to watch Haley's grandfather marry them.  So fun for us to witness their marriage on their marriage license and generally be around to make images and be a help: my favorite!

Josh and Haley, we really love y'all and are so proud of the brave things you've already done in your married days.  You're such an encouragement to us, have been fun friends to just enjoy life alongside and we are SO looking forward to you living in KY again.  You've even been very tolerant of my competitive, board game-playing, pregnant days.  Ha!  Even Truman is pumped, because he quite likes hanging with his Auntie Hay-Hay and Uncle Josh.  Love y'all.  Enjoy!