June Goals: More than a biannual ordeal

Hey y'all! It's been a good lil bit (unfortunately) since I got to share some goals here and stick to 'em.  January, in fact!  That's nuts!  However, it has been the wildest 6 months of my life to date.  We moved Luke home from DC in January as planned and our sweet road trip home was fantastic.  February came in with all sorts of planning to continue growing, updating and pushing forward in business, but the Lord had other plans - Luke proposed on the second, in the snow and we set our wedding date for May 11th.  Together, we planned the most crazy awesome celebration with our friends and now we're calling sweet Shelbyville home.  We're enjoying our tiny garden, our sweet home and our new breakfast nook (more on these later!).  And yes, life is finally settling a bit.

Settling maybe is an odd term to describe 30 days that contain 5 weddings, at least 5 states of travel that we know about, a handful of family and senior sessions and a beach vacation with the Sharretts.  It is quite a bit more settled than we were used to in our long-distance dating and we're both super glad to have our helper (Luke's a photographer, too) nearby.

Settling back to normal life means settling back to work as God provides us both with sessions and assignments and all the adjusting that means for us in our traveling schedules and workloads.  So for this month's goals, I decided to keep it stuck to 5.  5 simple goals that deal more with completion rather than creation and a little growing as I missed out on my winter-grow-time with the wedding crunching in on us.

  1. Be in the Word - the real word - not the google word - everyday.  By myself.  Before the Day begins.  I've been loving the shereadstruth.com series for quite a while, but they tempt me to use the internet version of the bible (which is a amazing and fabulous and lovely) but I miss winter-time devotions that ended with biblical wondering and questioning and searching.  So using the 'ole print version of the bible is high on the list as well as sticking to devotionals in a month that is full of crazy.
  2. Complete the wedding stuff and wrap it all up.  I thrifted and collected so many things for the wedding that now need to finish clearing out of my folks', be cleaned and wrapped for LooBird rentals or sold to some lovely ladies.
  3. Continue the great blog wrap up and catch up!  Completing each week with 5 days blogged is my tangible goal for this to work out.  I LOVE blogging and really enjoy sharing both work-work and personal-work here, but when my life gets busy this is the last thing to get cared for.  So.  We're planning to knock out old posts as well as new and get all caught up!
  4. Complete editing and submission of all but one (on June 29th!) of the May/June weddings by the end of June.  Dang.  If this happens, I will be the happiest, most care-free person at our annual 4th of July.  Praying it so.
  5. Complete 3 books - doesn't matter which of the 7 I'm currently reading......just complete.  Hah!

And since all posts are boring without photos....here's another from the night before our sweet nuptials.  Perfect rehearsal dinner.  I'd say I've married my match.