Just thankful...

Elizabeth here.  Just dropping pictures we made this evening at prom, and I wanted to take a quick minute to mark a little milestone here in my little journal of life.  Since I made the leap to trust in God's plan to grow my life, Nathan and his family have moved to town.  We've run into eachother at lunch and out getting coffee.  Now, I realize this is all within one square block from my office, but it's been a big deal.  When I first moved home, I missed my photo family.  A lot.  I love this town and I love you folks, but not much compares to being around our WKU PJ fam.  I missed my friends, I missed that daily life of living with friends.  Of doing life with so many great folks walking alongside you. Well God heard my cry for friends when he brought me the ladies.  You know those crazy ladies I do birthday runs with, throw parties for and have heart-to-hearts with at the best bible study weekly.  And when I was spending more hours in my office chair than in my bed resting or with my family living, he answered my cry again when he gave me the "OK" to move the Morgans to town.  And when I felt that OK in my heart, it was anything but peace.  Those great ladies and I prayed our hearts out that what I was doing was wise and what the Lord wanted.  And again....he reminded me that opportunities come up daily.  For trips to Ethiopia photographing families as they meet their children and bring them home forever.  For hours shooting away in our local children's hospital to tell stories we 'healthy families' can hardly wrap our minds around - all in hopes of fundraising in a big way.  Each day opportunities to do work that I love and am so passionate about knock on my front door.  And growing our staff was the next step in freeing up my time so I could do more of the things I was made for.

I don't want to lessen what Christ is doing in my life.  I don't really care to keep it a secret or whisper about it with those nearest and dearest to me.  To just add it to the prayer list when I'm with the ladies.  The outpouring of love I receive from you my sweet friends, each day, isn't something I care to hide under a bushel.  I know that every great thing in my life comes from the Lord.  A great, big God who loves me.  And listens to me.  And you.  And us.  And calms my fears.  And helps me make t-charts when I'm thinking of taking a big leap.  So tonight we made another big leap.  And from the outside looking in, it doesn't sound like much, but for a girl who's tighter with her money than two coats of paint on a white-washed fence - it was much.  We stopped on our way to prom and grabbed another camera.  Just walked in, ran into a friend, bought the thing and walked out the door.  And then we went and made pictures with it.  Just one more little step of faith in this long, amazing journey.  So here it is - fresh in the box, before hours and hours of life are documented within.  I just love how the life gets captured each day.  Though it's my tendency to forget the day-to-day, I hope that you and I never forget how amazing God's provision and plan are.  So.  Good.  So.  Thankful.