Katelyn + Blake

At freshman orientation two years ago Blake spied Katelyn from across the room. He and his friends whispered to one another about the cutest freshman girls. Little did he know, Blake was making specific mention of Katelyn to his buddies while sitting right behind her parents. He was a football player, Katelyn a cheerleader. During Katelyn's orientation at Campbellsville they were playing a seek and sign game where the freshman had a paper with characteristics to have signed off on. Blake came over to sign the slot for playing a sport or something similar. Katelyn quickly said she had that space completed, but thanks. Witty, per his usual, Blake responded that he could speak a foreign language ... "Hola." The rest is history.

Last weekend they tied the knot. Their families melt together flawlessly. I couldn't tell one side from the other. The Allens adore Blake and his brothers. The Lawyers feel that Katelyn is the perfect addition to their crew and every single one of their guests that packed into First Baptist last Saturday could feel that shared love.

Thanks so much for inviting me to your special day. I love how love-filled it all was. You all have so much support and so much adoration for one another.

And for the record, I'm still requesting a reserve on Sherry's wedding planning skills for my wedding day (a long, long way from now - calm down). There were even Blake and Katelyn coloring books - are you kidding me? Enjoy!

lawyerweddingkentucky0011.jpg lawyerweddingkentucky0021.jpg Blake's grandmother was a hoot - this was their idea of 'something different.' lawyerweddingkentucky0031.jpg lawyerweddingkentucky0041.jpg lawyerweddingkentucky0051.jpg

I can't stop looking at this next photo. We stopped to grab a quick photo of Blake's grandparents after we took a few other family shots outside. I asked them to look at me and he did for about one frame. After that he couldn't take his eyes off his own bride. I promise you things like this happened all day long. It was like a big love-fest. Sweet :-)

lawyerweddingkentucky0061.jpg lawyerweddingkentucky0071.jpg lawyerweddingkentucky0081.jpg lawyerweddingkentucky0091.jpg lawyerweddingkentucky0101.jpg lawyerweddingkentucky0111.jpg

These mothers were in the same condition as I was. It really was just so beautiful. By the way, that's Katelyn's father marrying the two.

lawyerweddingkentucky0121.jpg lawyerweddingkentucky0131.jpg lawyerweddingkentucky0141.jpg lawyerweddingkentucky0151.jpg lawyerweddingkentucky0161.jpg lawyerweddingkentucky0171.jpg lawyerweddingkentucky0181.jpg lawyerweddingkentucky0191.jpg lawyerweddingkentucky0201.jpg lawyerweddingkentucky021.jpg lawyerweddingkentucky022.jpg lawyerweddingkentucky023.jpg lawyerweddingkentucky024.jpg

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