Keepin' It Real

This summer has been A-May-Zin!  Nathan and I haven't stopped moving yet!  And all of that has left the blog in a state of disrepair.  I have all sorts of posts ready to go, but I haven't had the time to sit down and pour my heart into writing them.  And I apologize - I really do.  The orders have been rolling in (I spent every minute of Monday 7a-5p filling orders - God is good), the sessions have been happening each evening and we've been meeting with each of you day in and day out.  It has been so fun. Last Friday I shot a fun and sweet wedding in the woods - oh goodness, wait until you see the gorgeousness.  So it's 9:50 and Nathan has left town for a funeral (sigh) and I'm still upstairs writing away and replying to emails on my laptop.  Shame, shame, I know.  But really - sometimes I need my morning time and today I'm being selfish.  I just went through our calendar from the past few months and was completely surprised at the amount of families we have gotten to meet and serve.  God is good and this summer has been a wild and crazy ride.  Today and tomorrow I don't any hard-and-fast appointments - just two days of office work and I'm so excited to just pour over images, update the website and get to writing those blog posts.  We're just at the corner of turning into fall family portraits and vineyard weddings, so I've got some catching up to get on.

Thanks as usual for being sweet and trusting and patient as we work our hardest to serve you.  We are blessed to work in an office where we get to laugh all day long and stare at your gorgeous families.  And so blessed to do something we love and are terribly excited about.  More soon, friends.  Get Excited!