Update on the computer: the laptop should be fixed by Tuesday...if the problem is what they think it is. Currently my computer is lying unassembled in the "computer hospital." I also ordered a new sister for my laptop, meet the iMac. I am soo excited!! The iMac will allow me to work faster, and thus better for you. I would like to thank the computer Gods at Apple for sending me to The Place here in Bowling Green. They were most amazing about loaning me a personal computer of theirs so I could keep working, even making sure it had all the programs I needed, and pulling my needed information off of my sick laptop. They, too, hooked me up with a new iMac and explained all of the computer lingo to me - I couldn't be more pleased with their services! They are AMAZING!

Anywho, here is the beautiful Kelli Baker. Kelli and I had so much in common which made this shoot fabulous! She LOVES shoes (hello, who doesn't?), she shows saddlebreds (me too!) and she attends Simpsonville Baptist (yep, me too). We really tried to create some unique images to show off her fabulous personality, and I think we did a great job! Thanks to Kelli's mom, Jo for some of our entertainment and the fabulous Keith and Lisa Harger at Ridgecrest for allowing us to shoot on their farm. I had a blast - enjoy!

kelli005.jpg kelli015.jpg kelli020.jpg kelli026.jpg kelli057.jpg kelli067.jpg kelli077.jpg kelli088.jpg kelli103.jpg kelli105.jpg kelli114.jpg kelli122.jpg

ETA: You can see Kelli's full slideshow here.