Kelly + Kenton | Kumler Chapel, The Elms | Oxford, Ohio | Part 1

One year ago I blogged their sweet engagement session.  I talked about how I've known Kelly and her family for sometime through riding horses.  They're sweet people, they work hard and they're fun to be around.  But once you throw their friends in the mix and the great family Kelly married into, the Comstocks, you've got yourself a real party. It's easy to see from spending the smallest amount of time around her, that Kelly is full of grace and class.  I know these images speak to her personality.  She's kind, gorgeous, quiet and so much fun.  Kenton is trustworthy, always looking to make Kelly smile and full of love for his family and friends.  Their wedding was perfect and full of friends and loving family.

We started our morning at The Elms in Oxford, Ohio, the college town Kelly and Kenton met in.  The ladies spent time getting ready while Kenton wandered around the hotel, fully dressed, checking in with everyone to make sure they were doing well.  We departed in our limo and made a stop at Upham Arch.  Rumor has it that couples who kiss under the Arch's lantern at the stroke of midnight are destined to marry - that must have worked out at some point during their schooling at Miami University.  We spent some time photographing the couple and their attendants, then headed over to Kumler Chapel for a quick rehearsal.  Their family and friends had kindly appointed the beautiful church and were busy welcoming guests.

Kelly's father escorted her down the aisle and I'm pretty sure Kenton got a bit teary eyed and had to turn away for a second.  I loved that they looked at one another throughout the ceremony.  They spoke their vows and listened intently as family spoke.  Once their kiss sealed the deal, we shot a few portraits and scooted out to the reception.  Come back tomorrow morning to see the rest!  Enjoy!