Kelly + Kenton | Kumler Chapel, The Elms | Oxford, Ohio | Part 2

Here's the remainder of Kenton and Kelly's sweet wedding.  The chapel they were married in was gorgeous and on Miami University's campus.  Any church that starts with hardwood floors as opposed to carpet wins my heart. And as you'll see the rest is less than shabby.  I would be glad to photograph weddings everyday in this gorgeous, simple chapel.  So lovely. My favorite parts of the wedding were the heartfelt readings by family, the way Kenton couldn't take his eyes off of Kelly and that effortless, joyful and glowy beauty Kelly radiated.  So sweet to watch Kenton's brothers and both their families watching with big smiles on their faces throughout the service.  Lovely.

After some portraits, a bubble exit and a limo ride, the couple arrived to their reception and enjoyed fabulous toasts from their siblings and hillarious dancing with their friends.  Any wedding where both the Wobble and the Bernie are done passionately, is a place I want to be.  Thanks for really joining in the celebration, all you receptioners.  (Yep, made that word up!)

Kelly and Kenton, Thank you so much for letting me join in your celebration.  I love how loyal you are to one another, how you're always looking to make the other comfortable and welcome.  Your first dance was exceptional and the toasts given by your siblings couldn't have been worded anymore perfectly or beautifully.  Folks like y'all aren't a dime a dozen.  I, for one, am better for having met you both.  Best wishes on 80+ years of marriage!