Kelly + Kenton | Simpsonville Engagement Photography

Oh, how I love photographing my friends.  Kelly and I rode horses together at the same barn for some time and showed on the same circuit, lived in the same little town and took lessons at the same time for a few years.  I've watched her and her sister, Whitney grow up.  We spend bits and pieces of our hot, Kentucky summers riding saddlebreds. Kelly has always been that quiet, sweet sort of kind.  Whitney was always the more chatty of the sisterhood, but Kelly was always around working hard, kicking butt in the show ring and looking all sorts of gorgeous.  I remember her making the choice to head to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio for college.  Turns out that was the best choice she could have made, because it was there that she met Kenton.  And it's there that we'll all return next summer to photograph their sweet union.

We had the best time making pictures.  We started out in Simpsonville at the railroad tracks we used to cross on our way to the barn.  We shot by ole' Brenda's and headed to a field of rye down the street, then wrapped things up at my favorite dairy barn.  From the minute I met Kenton, it was apparent that he's a perfect match for Kelly.  He's always working to make her laugh.  Effortless.  The day I photographed them, the world was supposed to end. You remember that, right?  Well, we're shooting along just fine, cracking jokes and making pictures when Kenton gets real serious, real quick.  'Now if the world ends in the next few minutes, do you both want to be here with me?  'Cause you're free to go.  Your choice.'  Needless to say the world didn't end and we chose to risk it.  Glad we did.

Every time I sat down to work on these images, I would say aloud 'He thinks she hung the dang moon.'  Ask Nathan.  Said it 100 times if I said it once.  Look at these pictures.  I think it's apparent.  He adores her.  And she clearly finds comfort in him.  When I gave them a chance to 'talk amongst yourselves' (if I've shot you, you'll recognize this phrase), it always ended up with Kelly's face resting on Kenton's chest and Kenton chatting to her quietly.  So great.  Our lil fair-skinned, blondie-girl found her a best friend.  And I couldn't be more pumped to shoot their wedding.  Enjoy!