Finally...I feel like I'm getting caught up. Only one more session and I can move onto orders (WOW on the Holiday Ordering - I had no idea!), custom prints and weddings. Yesss! For now, here is the super-smiley Kelsie Smithson. We began our session at Bowman Field where we made friends with a gas pumper man who took us out onto the field and into a hanger. We also shot at Cherokee Park - but I absolutely LOVE the uniqueness to her images. No one else I have photographed got such a great place.

Kelsie - I hope it was worth the wait. :-)






Probably my FAVE!


Random news of the day: What's coming up next? Some farmer, finally, the Merchant Family and perhaps some more wedding. I will also report on the Shelby County game ASAP. This week I am shooting a veteran. Well, photographing him anyway. He's currently teaching ROTC at WKU, but will be deployed (I think I've got the lingo right) to Iraq for the second time, anytime soon. Get excited, and enjoy your weekend! I will!