Kentucky Farm Engagement | Karol, Bruce & Chief


Guys.  This was the easiest thing I've ever done.  Really.  You don't even need to read this post to feel the sincerity in these images we made on the Langley's Kentucky farm.

Bruce and Karol are just so easy to be with.  She's constantly coaxing a laugh out of Bruce or just being a sweet encouragement to him. Their pup, Chief, just runs about, soliciting laughs as he goes neck deep in the creek or waits for a stick to be thrown.  As for Bruce - it all just seems easy going, like he's at home with Karol.  And he's so in love.  I don't usually have much to say on this….but really, Bruce is smitten with his lady and it's so apparent time and time again in these images.

The first night we met up to shoot, the sun never peeked out of the clouds, so I mentioned trying for a better day?  No problem.  Creek had been flooded and was a bit washed out?  No problem.  Sunflowers weren't all blooming yet?  No problem.  Everything's just easy going and sweet with these two.  Hope these images communicate the authenticity of the sweet and simple life they've got going.

This sweet lady is dear to me, as she made the cakes for my wedding, from my family's recipes.  Though she'd never say so, she's got that baking craft down to a refined art.  Walks barefoot down the street, doesn't flinch when the dog comes close to shake and checked on her garden when we walked by.  She's also made of the same sentimental-loving pieces that I am.  Which I love.  She longs for a fall wedding with zinnias and sunflowers from the farm, an outdoor wedding with a celebration held in a family barn.  When we threw around ideas for this session, one of the first things she mentioned was how she and Bruce go play in the creek - so we headed on a walk down the road while she talked Bruce into wading in his bare feet.  She could probably talk Bruce into doing just about anything with a smile.  As for Chief, he talked us all into wading a little deeper.

Karol's said she always knew that she'd marry a farmer, and after a couple evenings wandering the farm and wading through tobacco fields with she and Bruce - she couldn't have picked a better one.