Kentucky Wedding Photographer I Loo Loves

Anyone who knows me can say, with a whole heart, that 'fave' is one of my favorite words. Everything I like becomes 'my fave'. I get super irritated when my iPhone insists on turning 'fave' into Dave, gave or face. Fave is clearly a word... And in this boring season of cold, ugly weather, I feel it is important to entertain (or bore) you with my fave's from time to time. There is so much goodness out there, and in this sweet little town that deserves to be talked about, so today, Loo Loves are born. I will post from time-to-time, my latest addictions, or things I think you should know about.

Tomorrow night I will be photographing an event at Claudia Sanders Dinner House called Tres Chic Shelbyville. The evening will be filled with music by Shelbyville's New Breed, wine and bourbon tasting, a silent action, door prizes and a cash bar. Tickets can be purchased here and are $75/single person or $100/couple.

The goal of the event is to raise $10,000 toward a private room in the NICU at Kosair Hospital in honor of Shelby County. What a wonderful plan - I hope to see you there for an evening of fun - cocktail attire and dancing sounds like a good thing to me!! There's even a $300 Lizzie Loo gift certificate up for grabs!


Next up is Kelly Moore's new bag. It is definitely on my list of wants for 2010! It is meant to be a camera bag, but could function as so much Moore : diaper bag, laptop case, purse. This thing is super spacious and practical. I LOVE camera bags that are not only functional, but also adorable! Check it out!



Last, but not least, is one event that you will be hearing much about! 105 days until Shelby County's Relay for Life event and Lizzie Loo has formed a team! My parents joined our county in fundraising efforts for many years and have passed the honor along to me! We would love to have any of our clients - past or future - join us in fundraising + walking to find a cure. More on this later, but for now, I am looking for folks who have faced or are facing cancer - I would love to do a portrait series to accompany our fundraising efforts. If you are interested shoot an email to celebrate {at} lizzie loo {dot} com