Kevin and Krista | Jasper, Indiana Engagement

Krista was new to town and had been working at the paper a bit. Kevin was born and raised in Jasper, but was frequently out of town for his job.

Krista was busy with work, roller derby and preparing to take motorcycle driving lessons.  Yes, roller derby.  She's a spunky little lady.

Kevin was driving all over the hills of Jasper on his motorcycle when he was home from work.

Krista was working on a Sunday feature for the newspaper that entailed following a goat from birth through it's showing in 4-H classes at the fair.

Kevin was out riding his motorcycle and made a stop where he shared a few words with an older couple.  They asked if he had anyone to ride on the back of his motorcycle - his reply was something along the lines of 'Well, no, I don't - but if you know of a good woman, I'd like to meet her.'  They chucked and no one thought anything of it.  Kevin drove away.  They returned home to their goat farm.

Krista was out to work on the story of the goat; shooting and talking with the couple about her experience in Jasper.  They asked how she was liking town and her reply was something along the lines of 'it's working out well, but I'm having a tough time making friends.'  The woman smiled, expressed her understanding and concern.  Jasper was, indeed, a town people left for college and returned to once they were ready to raise their families.  Not too many folks were Krista's age, it was true.  The farmer and her husband, having talked with a man on a motorcycle a few days prior, asked Krista if she would be opposed to the passing along of Krista's telephone number to the motorcycle man.  She wasn't.

Mrs. Goat farmer called Kevin, passed the telephone number along, but not before she made the following remark ,"I've got your future wife's number here."

The rest is history.  Sweet Krista and kind Kevin will be wed this fall in Jasper before their family and friends.  She was a classmate of Nathan and I's at WKU.  When she called to tell me she would be marrying Kevin, I was not only super excited for her, but very flattered to be invited and trusted with making the images of her own wedding.  She works at the The Jasper Herald and is quite talented, if we do say so ourselves.  Check out her recent work here.  I love watching the small town life roll through her camera.  Enjoy!